Executive Leadership

Accomplished, balanced leaders with over 250 years of collective aviation industry experience.

Matt Yerbic

Chief Executive Officer

Brian Hirshman


Paul Dolan

Chief Operating Officer

Dayna Eden

Chief People Officer

Adrian Osborn

General Manager / Airframe & Engineering Services

Brian Olsen

President - Components Services

Phillip LeBris

Chief Financial Officer

Joe Greenwood

Senior Vice President / Sales

Gabe Doleac

Senior Vice President / Supply Chain and Corporate Development

Tim Miller

Vice President / Safety, Quality & Technical Training

Clark Graves

Vice President / Information Technology

Nima Seyedali

Vice President / General Counsel

David Keimig

General Manager / Technical Solutions

Bob Christopher

Vice President / Operations, Everett (PAE)

Darek Schiesser

Vice President / Operations, Kansas City (MCI)

Phil Fields

Vice President / Sales, Airframe & Engineering